Aroma Kit der "Aroma Academy Scotland" - je 109,90 Euro

The Whisky Aroma Kit contains 24 aroma nosing samples carefully selected by the leading specialist Aroma Scientist, from the Aroma Academy Dr George Dodd

This superb kit includes a booklet guide to not only “ lead you through” the individual aroma samples but also through a recommended process for Whisky nosing and tasting!

So, if you have you ever wanted to know how best to nose a premium spirit and have ever wanted to know what the experts mean by;

  • Phenolic aroma
  • Grassy aroma
  • Spicy aroma
  • Peaty aroma
  • Woody aroma

then, the Whisky Aroma Kit has the answers you have been looking for – and lots more!

Whisky Aroma Kit  / 24 Aromen

Gin Aroma Kit / 24 Aromen

Whisky Aroma Game

29,95 Euro

The Perfect Gift for Whisky Enthusiasts


Game 1 : Blind Nosing
Attempt to identify 9 selected Aromas which are key elements of Whisky Aroma/Flavour profiles by Blind Nosing.

Game 2 : Aroma Matching
Nose the 9 selected Whisky Aromas and match them with the 9 Aroma Reference Cards.

Game 3 : Aroma Profiling
Identify selected Whisky Brands from a combination of key Whisky Aromas in the Game.

Bonus Download :
Test your Whisky knowledge by matching a wider selection of Whiskies against Aroma Profiles.


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